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Ripley's Impossible LaseRace Details

1 Admission

Ripley's Impossible LaseRace
401 S Atlantic Avenue
Ocean City, MD 21842


Challenge yourself with our all new Ripley's Impossible LaseRace!
Our Laser Race is a timed event. The lower the time, the better your score. The object is to navigate the Maze without breaking a beam. However, if you do, that's OK. You are simply penalized with time being added to your score.

You enter the mysterious maze and as you cross the starting point and the room ahead of you is filled with brilliant green lasers radiating from the walls. You expertly navigate through the web of lasers, going over and under lasers as quickly as possible to reach the end of the Maze. As you navigate beyond the final laser beam, you press a stop button which completes your challenge and determines your time/score.
Your Mission: to beat the clock and reach the end of the laser maze without breaking a single beam!  Every beam that you break adds 30 seconds to your score, so watch out!  If you score one of the 10 shortest clocked times, YOUR name goes on the top 10 scores to beat.  Want to see how it’s done? There are cameras inside the maze that film the competitors going through and show the adventure on a screen just outside the maze. 
On your mark! Get Set! Race!

Regular Price: $4.99
"Buy Now" Low Price: $3.99


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